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Getting a child to do what they are told can be challenging enough, and our program will develop respectful disciplined kids; but more important is getting a child to do what they are not told to do! We develop self discipline in children so they have the knowledge to know what they should do, and they do it! This trait will be invaluable as they grow into successful teens and adults.


A confident child is a happy child. They no longer live in anxiety or fear. Confidence is the first step to get a child to succeed at all areas of life. Once confidence is developed, the instructors at our studio can now begin getting a child to perform at a level that was once un-thought of for them.


Children will begin by keeping their eyes focus on the eyes of people speaking to them. They will begin paying more attention to their teachers and for longer periods of time, therefore hearing and learning more. Focus is like a muscle, the more you use it, the better and stronger it gets. At Premier Martial Arts, we develop the mind as well as the body.

Lil Champions (5 to 7 Year Olds)

There is never a better time to begin to develop your child’s self confidence and discipline by enrolling them in Premier Martial Arts classes than between the ages of 5 to 7 years old. Children's Martial Arts training involves awareness of how attacks occur. In training, students learn how to detect the beginning of an incoming punch or kick: the subtle weight shift to a support leg, or a change in focus in their opponent's gaze. Children's Martial Arts is a multi dimensional learning experience. It's at this age when your child is at their prime, ready to absorb all that martial arts training can do for them mentally, physically and emotionally. Karate physically - increases flexibility, coordination and balance, enhanced agility and athleticism. Karate mentally - improves concentration and memory retention, learning through visualization, increases focus. Karate emotionally - improves self-control and respect for others while developing self-assurance and confidence. Enroll them in karate classes at Premier Martial Arts Today!

Premier Kidz (8 to 12 Year Olds)

With all the virtual devices on the market, getting kids to embrace a physical fitness program is often hard work. Often kids would rather spend their time sitting in front of the TV or on a game device. Premier Martial Arts classes, acquire useful skills while exercising. Mental toughness, physical fitness, self discipline, confidence and courage... these are just a few of the benefits that your child will gain from their martial arts training at Premier Martial Arts. A child's self-concept affects his/her personality and every aspect of their lives, including their ability to learn and focus. This is the time to develop core values in your child so they will make the best choices when choosing friends and careers. A strong, positive self-image is important for success in life. Begin our Premier Martial Arts classes and start developing skills in your child that will last a life time. Give your child the gift that can never be taken away. Enroll them in Premier Martial Arts classes Today!

Kids Safe

There was a time when feeling safe wasn't an issue for kids, but in recent years it has become a concern. There has never been another time in history where our kids face as much danger as in the world today. We want to ensure that every child knows how to be KidSafe so that they can protect themselves at home, at school, on the internet, and in the community. This KidSafe program develops self protection skills while helping to teach them to be aware, confident and assertive, so they are better able to deal with unexpected situations that may put them at risk. It is of utmost importance that our kids learn how to play it safe by preparing them with skills before they go out on their own without adult protection. The KidSafe Program develops self-protection skills while helping to increase confidence, competence, and reduce anxiety. TheKidSafe teaches how to do this in a way that is fun and exciting. Enroll your child in one of our Kids Safe Seminars at Premier Martial Arts Today!!!

Bully Proof

If you want to instill your child with unshakable confidence and emotions while producing positive values and noble character, then our Bully Proof Program is for you! Over the last decade we have seen our world rapidly change. Bulling can have detrimental effects on children like stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, tearfulness, irritability and a host of other debilitating effects. Although bullying in school has always been a reality, its severity is unparalleled in our time. Studies suggest that bullying may be a leading cause of low self-esteem in children. Some surveys show that less than 15% of kids actually report acts of bullying. A child's inability to stand up to a bully is rooted in fear and intimidation. Some children know that they must confront the bully and would like nothing more than to stand up to them; but they simply can't follow through for fear of the physical harm. The challenge is how to instill in a victim of bullying the confidence to face the one bullying? If you instill  noble character, wisdom, and the ability to defend themselves into your children, then bullying can be avoided. If you believe your child is being bullied or is susceptible to bullying, please enroll them in one of our Bully Proof seminars at Premier Martial Arts!

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